Android Apps

I like writing apps that impacts user's day to day lives. With over 4+ years in this field, I've had a good fortune working on various projects ranging from web based utility apps, multimedia apps, Education Apps to 2D games etc.

InstaVocab more_vert

Here is an exciting app for those who need to build large vocab quickly along with proper pronunciation.

Word Lists:
  1. Barron's 333
  2. Kaplan's 800
  3. Manhattan's 500

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Simple Walls more_vert
Simple Wallsclose

Put Simple and Unicolor Wallpapers made up of color of your choice. Choose color from color chart and makes a wallpaper out of it. You can add colors to Favorite List to use them later.

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Snatch Jack more_vert
Snatch Jackclose

Snatch Jack is based on a very popular India Origin Card Game called "Gulam Chor(Jack Theif)". The game is played with standard deck of cards only difference is one Jack is taken out of deck.

Once the cards are dealt to each player, players get turns picking from other players cards, discarding any pairs they have until someone is left with the unpaid jack card. The player who holds the jack is thief .

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Web Apps


I do work on all stacks of web development. I prefer working with PHP-MySQL powered Symfony2 framework along with Doctrine as backend and Ember framework on the front-end. I use Bootstrap3 and/or MaterializeCSS UI frameworks to build responsive web designs.

Old Portfolio more_vert
Old Portfolioclose

This old portfolio was made using materializecss couple of years back when Material Design was recently launched by Google.

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Data Science
Aquaculture Researchmore_vert
Aquaculture Researchclose

In summer'15 Global Aquaculture Alliance partnered with Preferred Freezer Services and UMass Dartmouth to build aquaculture facilities database. Goal was to provide a comprehensive picture of the aquaculture industry in four key areas: feed production, hatcheries, farming, and processing. Responsibilities include Data Scraping and Front-End.

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Data Visualization
NPM Installs Visualizer more_vert
NPM Installs Visualizerclose

Visualize installs for your favorite npm packages. Installs can be filtered according to required date-frame. See daily, weekly, monthly as well as total installs.

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UI Design

APIs and Packages

I do write simple helper APIs, Wrappers and NPM Packages and publish it sometimes. I've put together some of my simplest here.